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CigE is the first full-flavored electronic cigarette that exotically and precisely emulates desirable flavors in each refreshing draft. More amazingly, it achieves as much without tedious flames, health consuming tar, detrimental carcinogens, intrusive second-hand smoke and unattractive yellowing of teeth.

CigE is literally THE ANSWER to the safer, more appeasing ongoing enjoyment of a special
pastime, while shedding these unpleasant historical undesirables. CigE has made life simpler by offering this unique product in a portable, 2-piece, easily detachable storable encasing. Once in your pocket, you could actually forget it was even there!... Though… we know you won't… As if that was not already enough, CigE boasts the longest lasting battery in the industry; exceeding 3 hours of regular use per full charge and up to an entire week on standby.

CigE–Experience the seamless union of simplicity and complexity. Electrify you crave!

Starter Kits: 1 Electrifier, USB charger, and 3 cartridges (Atomizer)

Refill Kits: 5 new atomizer cartridges (1,500 inhalations)

Distinct Flavors: Regular, Menthol, and Vanilla.

CigE - Electrify your Crave | Electronic Cigarette