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Who We Are

We use FDA approved organic flavoring to bring out the best in true taste. We are certified GMP/OSHA environment in USA providing "Vape" / "E-Juice" in the vaping industry through business to business. We are now offering our "ejuice" or what they now call it "vaping" juice services to the public. Cig-E offers private blends and private labeling.

Our Blend

We offer true organic flavoring in our blends making it smooth and euphoric for the consumer. Our high quality premium PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and nicotine comes in the purest form from our certified laboratories. Our flavoring comes from real organic fruits and vegetables giving you true taste of true foods.

Private Blends

Make your own blends using our high quality pure material. We can design, fill, and print your very own brand.

Domestic and international

We can ship your vape/e-juice domestically or internationally to your home or business.

Production Time

We can have your product to you the next business day and private blends in 5-7 days. Private labeling and bottling may take more time.


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